• The Blue Swastik Card

    The Blue Swastik Card

    A smart, simple card made in matt paper with a bold 'swastik' printed in gold. A beautiful combination of mustard yellow inserts enclosed in a deep royal blue folder.

  • The Brocade Cutout Card

    The Brocade Cutout Card

    Each insert is a beautiful vibrant design with cut outs on a self-printed, paisley patterned cream paper showing off the rich brocade cloth placed beneath. A rich butter paper folder holding three uniquely attractive inserts.

  • The Shivling Card

    The Shivling Card

    A pearlescent pale gold folder with a simple 'shivling' cut out opening to reveal a mantra that it self-printed on a gold paper. The pearlescent paper holds together 4 brilliantly coloured inserts - warm red, bright yellow, sea green and a deep orange, each one symbolizing a different rite and ritual that is traditional of the 'Hindu' wedding.

  • The Red, White and Gold Card

    The Red, White and Gold Card

    This square cut out invitation card with an intricate pattern of Lord Ganesha holding spotless white and crimson-red inserts, slips right into a deep red, self-printed envelope. This envelope is ornamented with neatly cut initials of the bride and the groom in wood.

  • The Red Floral Card

    The Red Floral Card

    A simple, authentic, traditional combination of a metallic mustard yellow folder with a vermillion red flower cut out in the centre, enclosing red and mustard yellow inserts.

  • The Floral-box Card

    The Floral-box Card

    A solid box, with a bold floral cut out on a pearlescent gold paper that reveals a bright metalic gold paper below. It has a firm but decorative locking system, made by overlapping squares, that hold the initials of the bride and groom adding an elegant personal touch to the card.

  • The Olive Green - Gold Ganesha Card

    The Olive Green - Gold Ganesha Card

    This card is a collage of traditional Indian colours. The rich gold folder embellished with a small gold 'Ganesha' slips into a delicately printed olive green envelope. The inserts are a bold red and deep yellow adding a dash of vibrancy to the richness.

  • The Intricate Card

    The Intricate Card

    An always-favourite combination of a gold and cream sleeve, with intricate raised printing of a floral baroque styled pattern, held together with a complicated filigree wooden cut out with a 'Ganesha' in the centre.

  • The Matchbox Card

    The Matchbox Card

    An unusual combination of brightly coloured butter paper inserts are attached into a metallic cobalt blue folder, which has a bold graphic of 'Lord Ganesha'. This ensemble slips into a match-box type sleeve made from a pearl silver-gray paper

  • The Initials Card

    The Initials Card

    An eye catching combination of a simple matt royal blue folder with smartly cut initials of the bride and groom enclose the mustard yellow, deep yellow and orange inserts, placed within.

  • The Cream Card

    The Cream Card

    An all-time favourite with our varied clientele, this is a simple metallic cream coloured card, which holds an intricate cut out pattern with 'Lord Ganesha' in the centre.

  • The Butter Paper Card

    The Butter Paper Card

    An array of colours and transparencies, created by merging vividly coloured butter papers for an unusual demand of a client. Each colour represents a different ritual of the wedding ceremony and they are enclosed in the delicately printed white envelope.

  • The Blue Cut-out Card

    The Blue Cut-out Card

    A smoky metallic blue and fresh sea green card with a contemporary floral cut-out.